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Garden Center & Nursery

For your convenience, we provide a variety of lawn care programs including Scott's 4 Step, fertilizers, animal repellants, bug & insect control, disease control, grass seed, soil, mulch & decorative stone.

Organic alternatives are also available.

Trees & Shrubs

We stock a vast selection of native plants, trees & shrubs. At Red Hill Nursery we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a full array of quality, healthy plants. Our plants make a great, long-lasting investment in the value and enjoyment of your home.

Come visit us and speak with one of our experts to help you choose & determine proper plant placement in your garden.

Pots & Planters

We have planters of all colors and sizes. Come by to find the best pots for your plants!

At Red Hill Nursery we offer a multitude of fresh, colorful, and easy-to-grow annuals. Whether they are for your garden beds, containers, or hanging baskets, these summertime favorites are the perfect solution for that much-needed pop of color. We also carry a varied selection of herbs & vegetables.

Garden Decor

Red Hill Nursery carries a great selection of garden décor and gifts.

From lawn care to garden decor, we provide a one-stop shopping experience.


Birding is a recreational activity that is both exciting and relaxing but most importantly, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can tell that we at Red Hill Nursery love it too! We are fully stocked with the necessary items to attract birds all year long. Bird enthusiasts will be pleased to find our large selection of premium bird seed, suet, feeders, houses, and baths.

Perennials are the framework of your flowerbed. Since many perennials bloom at different times of the year, they can be arranged to create a sequence of colors throughout the seasons. Year after year, your perennials from Red Hill Nursery will perform in one wave after the other resulting in a yearly dramatic display of ever-changing beauty.

Here at Red Hill Nursery, we have a large selection of indoor plants for those who are looking to decorate their homes. Click below to see some of our indoor plants!


Add some serenity to your garden with the soothing noise of a fountain. Call for availability 


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